Who’s Holly?

Hello! I’m Steph. Holly is a play on my family name, but I’ll give you a free-pass if your first few messages address me as Holly – it comes with the territory. 😉

I am a hopeless romantic, a fresh flower enthusiast and a big believer in brewing a hot cup of tea to soothe the soul, whatever the circumstance. You’ll find me flicking through home-style magazines, taking my puppy on adventures around Queenstown and obsessing over any and all wedding photos. Also, I’ll definitely tear up during your vows and  squeal with delight when I see your wedding dress for the first time (refer back to: hopeless romantic).

I became a wedding planner because I love seeing people happy. What better thing, than helping to create the day that many people remember as one of the best days of their lives? I love the excitement of creating something new and delighting clients and their guests with how perfectly executed everything is on the day.

I’ve pursued this same goal for 10 years, heading straight from university to immerse myself full-time as a Queenstown wedding planner before stepping out to launch my own business, Holly & Co. I’ve personally planned over 100 weddings and been involved in twice that number as an assistant coordinator and stylist.

I’m currently splitting my time between Auckland and Queenstown but am available nationwide.

If I know what love is,

it is because of you


– Herman Hesse

My Style

My style is graceful, romantic and delicate. For each event, I will get to know you personally and find the magic amongst the small details that make up your story.

Add a sprinkle of my insights and experience into the mix - to complement your venue and take advantage of our awesome local vendors - and we will create something that is so personally you, all-the-while presented in a refined and expert way.