Holly & Co. is a small creative business dedicated to helping you design and host a stunning event for the ones you love. As an avid stylist and organiser, I am beyond excited to get on board with your own artful and considerate event. I take every opportunity to turn a simple BBQ or dinner among friends into a well-oiled, enjoyable and stylish event and am more than ready to get my hands dirty and help do the same for yours.

Holly & Co. can offer as little or as much insight and assistance as you need, with the same goal always at heart – to help you and your guests have the best time without needing to worry if something has been overlooked in the background (we have it covered!).

I put an emphasis on delivering high quality, consistent results alongside friendly, upbeat and inspired service. Available nation-wide, with a focus on Auckland, Waikato, the Coromandel, Bay of Plenty and further afield.

If I know what love is,

it is because of you


– Herman Hesse

My Style

My style is graceful, romantic and delicate. For each event, I will get to know you personally and find the magic amongst the small details that make up your story.

Add a sprinkle of my insights and experience into the mix - to complement your venue and take advantage of our awesome local vendors - and we will create something that is so personally you, all-the-while presented in a refined and expert way.