Holly & Co. works to a meticulous standard, planning beautiful, creative and involved events alongside a team of the best local suppliers.


Pulling off an exceptional celebration generally requires 200 hours of planning, communicating and designing. That’s where we come in to assist with anything and everything! Having been known as a personal ray of sunshine and constantly-happy-person at weddings and events, it would seriously be our pleasure to be there to help along the way.

Our planning and design services are built to work  for you and your celebration. This ensures a smooth process based on our unique partnership, with your personal style, budget and needs at front of mind; whether that be a little less or a little more, we are here to help in the best way we can.


We can help with getting pen to paper for your initial brief, styling your overall aesthetic, working on the little details and/or perfectly executing the event itself – so you can be confident in hosting an event filled with all the right details and tonnes of love.

Tony + Irene